October 9, 2011







October 8, 2011

Yama boys at Mt. Gozaisho

A couple of days before our journey back, I climbed this little fellow. Yumiko planned to spend the day with her friend in Sakae, the main shopping area in Nagoya, so I was alone.

The 1,212 m peak can be reached through at least five different routes, of which Naka-michi pass is said to be the most interesting, both in views and labor. Just a piece of advice for those wishing to take the Naka-michi pass: finding the trailhead can be a little challenging. But all I'm going to say is, enjoy the sense of discovery!

Piggy back stones. Couldn't be more suitable named.

These two hilarious guy from Osaka shouted HELLO in English while climbing so I ran up to them joking, "Aa! Finally someone with whom I speak English!!" As might be expected, that was all they said in English.

Never mind the language, the two fellows, who introduced themselves as Bruce Lee and Mr. Hammer (cool aliases, huh?), turned out to be a merry company. In fact, they were quite different from other Japanese I've met so far. I guess it has some thing to do with Osaka's climate, because everything they did and said was out of the rule book.

As you may see, their clothes are a rather colorful if compared to the standard mountain garments. They called it a yama-boy fashion (yama stands for mountain). I didn't know of such thing, but I guess it's a variation of the so called yama girl fashion.

Exhibiting trendy and sometimes very colorful clothes, yama girl trend has encouraged fashionable young city women to hike mountains and go outdoors - a thought that was previously considered icky due to possible sunburns, stinging insects, stinking sweat etc.

So maybe these cool friends from Osaka prove that there is a group of men who hold a similar icky mind-set of nature, but which can be overcome by wearing cool clothes...
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