March 31, 2011

Finally (almost) done with the thesis

Not writing a blog for awhile can have serious consequences. A friend of ours called up to ask whether everything we are alright.

Yes, we are still alive. My hands have been busy writing the final thesis.

I'm relieved to say that today, after 21 225 words and some 82 pages it seems complete. (Still need to get a final word from the professor.) Thank you all for your support!

Now I can again concentrate on something else - like reporting about interesting things in this blog.

Though that may be a fantasy because from Friday onwards I will spend my weekdays working. Maybe observations about Finnish work culture.

April Fool's Day falls upon that same Friday. Let's see if I fool Yumiko. Usually she's pretty easy...

All of you out there, enjoy the spring! It's finally coming!

And now a compulsory photo taken last month. This is the front of the company where I did my thesis.

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