September 30, 2011

Oita during a typhoon

September 20, a casual drive from Saiki to Oita City. We made it ultimately, but had to stay for another night as all train connections were cancelled. Departing on the the following day, we got to travel along the same lines with the typhoon. Here are some photos from the area.

Water flowing out of a manhole. Usually it's the other way around.

Well watered rice fields alongside the road.

While the residents were away, a new tenant flooded in.

Lower part of a road blocked by water.

Approaching a passage with free of charge car wash.

More flooded road.

Had to make a u-turn here and find an alternative route.

September 27, 2011

Four Secrets of Matsue City

4. A large steel tank standing on a parking loot; a place where people come to fill their buckets with onsen water later to be used in their own bathtubs. 100 yen fills one bath.

3. Somewhat separate from the city center, an ordinary lake house...

...which after more inspection turns out to be a home bakery.

Warm atmosphere, easygoing service plus a view to the Lake Shinji.

2. Far from the city, a straw-roofed house renovated from the edo period to serve as a cafe.

The wooden materials used in tables and walls are far from those used in monotonous fastfood chains.

Handmade pottery is both used for serving and display.

A lunch for three made from ingredients from the vicinity.

1. Hidden in the heart of Matsue City, is the humble entrance of Hara's House. The doorway gives no hint about the enchanting insides.

...once you get invited in and see a glimpse of the patio dressed up with greenery, the real nature of this enchanting home begins to unfold.

The ambient natural lights in the living room combined with hundreds of intriguing items and books create a mood that doesn't fail to inspire.

Due to its uniqueness, the place has appeared several times in NHK's TV programs. An article of the macha tea on the rocks (below), which greeted us on the first day, was published recently in a lifestyle magazine.

Viewers have been heard calling to NHK about the location of this house, which they mistakenly thought to be a cafe. In fact, it is an ordinary house in Matsue City, to which we had a pleasure to visit.

September 1, 2011

Holiday inbetween

After a minute the gate 32 will open and we can enter the plane to Japan.

This time it's for holidays; a week of hiking in Nagano, two weeks of railing around meeting people, and a week with family. In other words, no updates expected for a month...

Back again in October!

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